Endless Stairs ; designed by Escher in London

Stairs inspired by the drawings of Escher

Many will remember the Endless Stairs , the intriguing structure symbol of the London Design Festival in 2013 inspired by the drawings of Escher and consists of a series of flights of stairs interconnected to each other and made ​​of solid wood panels Tulip 

endless stairs design
endless stairs in London

wood (American tulip wood) cross-laminated. The Endless Stairs will be reconfigured and mounted as part of the "New Ideas for Feeding the City" organized by the magazine for the interior. The new version of the  Endless Stairs will be called  Infinite Scale .

Infinite Scale stands in deliberate contrast material, size and composition compared to the harmonious environment of the former. It 'an aesthetic provocation, and as the Endless Stairs in front of the Tate Modern in London, adds a new dimension to the environment in which it is located.

Designed by de Rijke Marsch Morgan Architects (dRMM), engineered by Arup and built by Imola Legno and Nüssli , the Endless Stair was conceived as an exercise in three-dimensional modular construction in wood, with the ability to be reconfigured and adapted to different contexts .

Infinite Scale

endless stairs creative idea
endless stairs that design not end ! 

While maintaining the influence of initial Escher, Infinite Scale plays even more on perspective. Six flights of stairs will be connected together to create a form that is striking for its composition deliberately in contrast to the uniformity of the classical Renaissance style, the building that houses it. dRMM again gives importance to the element of play in the structure allowing the visitor to interact with it through the integration of different levels, connections and possible access routes. This perspective game also offers the chance to enjoy a new and unique view on the elegant cloister.

A sculpture and a research project

Infinite Scale is not only a beautiful wooden sculpture, is also part of a research project that has been advancing knowledge of wood construction and sustainability. In this project for the first time it was used hardwood to produce X-Lam panels, which are usually made ​​of coniferous wood. Tulipwood (American tulipwood), whose name derives from the particular tulip shape of its flowers, is a species of American hardwoods widely available and relatively inexpensive. And, crucially for this project, it is incredibly strong and rigid in relation to its weight.
endless stairs design inspired by the drawings of Escher by dRMM
airs design inspired by the drawings of Escher by dRMM

A series of tests carried out in Italy in 2013 during the production of the original structure of the Endless Stairs has shown that tulipwood is up to three times more resistant as regards the "rolling shear" compared to the resinous wood normally used in construction, for example the 'fir. So for the panels that make up the steps and balustrades simply a thickness of 60 mm.David Venables , European Director, commented: " This project helps us to show that deciduous trees, with their excellent technical performance and their attractive appearance, may open new perspectives to build with wood. We are very excited to bring the structure in Milan during the event organized by the Interior, and we are confident that it will arouse great interest and will be the subject of study and debate . "
wood endless stairs
endless stairs creative idea

In this latest version of the Endless Stairs , Infinite Scale , the design of the structural elements has been improved using data collected from the installation in London. The new arrangement of the landings and the extension of the top step of the shelter until its limit is the result of a high level of structural design.

Endless stair goes to Milan and will be open in to the public April 7 to 18 
at the University of Milan - Ca 'Granda Ospedale Maggiore former, via Feast of Forgiveness.

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outdoor stairs : The most creative ads ideas on stairs

original advertisement on stairs : 10 creative ideas

See what happens when companies use stairs to advertise their products.

Media companies are constantly looking for innovative concepts of effective advertising campaigns. 

original advertisement on stairs
original advertisement on stairs
Their purpose - to carry out the action in the most attractive format, creating a purposeful and broad product advertising presence. Advertising on the steps used to be a novelty, but now you can see it more and more often.

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Advertising musical «The Sound of Music»
Advertising musical «The Sound of Music»
Resort Resorts World Manila has chosen a very interesting approach to promote the musical «The Sound of Music» («The Sound of Music"). She was placed on the stairs in a shopping center between the two escalators. Thus, people go shopping, always be aware of cultural events.

Advertising for the Shanghai branch of UNICEF
Advertising for the Shanghai branch of UNICEF
In 2008, the advertising company Ogilvy and Mather was commissioned to design an advertisement for the Shanghai branch of UNICEF. It was aimed at drawing attention to more than 1.5 million children living in extreme poverty in China, in spite of 30 years of continuous economic growth. Boy image is only part of a series of outdoor advertising placed around Shanghai. On the steps of underpasses depicted sitting on the stairs transparent ghostly child, dressed in torn rags. On the sign says: "Do not ignore me. In China, home to more than 1.5 million. Underprivileged children. "

Advertising from National Geographic
Advertising from National Geographic
Impressive advertisement from National Geographic has a very realistic 3D-image of the crocodile. Optical illusion looks like a toothy beast is ready to jump out of the water and swallow passengers coming down the escalator in a shopping mall in Brazil. This is part of a campaign to «Mundo Selvagem de Richard Rasmussen», which translates as: "Ready for an adventure in the Brazilian forests? Wild World with Richard Rasmussen."

Advertising against polyethylene
Advertising against polyethylene
This ad deserves special attention. Its purpose is information about the need to reduce the use of plastic bags and replacing them with reusable bags. At the bottom of the escalator shown shark swallowing plastic bags. The caption reads: "They can not tell the difference. Every year, hundreds of thousands of marine animals die because of discarded plastic bags. "

Advertising Turkish Airlines
Advertising Turkish Airlines
In 2012, the second consecutive year, the company "Turkish Airlines» (Turkish Airlines) has been named "Best Airline in Europe". Unfortunately, the people responsible for advertising the company, do not fly with it! Unlikely they would have dared to take on board this aircraft.

Advertising Ikea store
Advertising Ikea store
The company Ikea, a producer of furniture for storage, is characterized by using innovative methods to save space. To demonstrate this approach, the main staircase store is represented in the form of the chest, which neatly stacked things.

Advertise active lifestyle
Advertise active lifestyle
To encourage people to use the stairs instead of the escalator, stairs Odenplan Metro Station in Stockholm turned into piano keys. It should be noted that after such promotions by 66% more people are preferring stairs.

Advertising of Nike
Advertising of Nike
Of course, each person has to worry about their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However stumbled on a promotional move from Nike's after a long day in high heels, you can very much become angry to the trademark.

Ad Dali exhibition
Ad Dali exhibition
Company UpStares Media of Livingston, New Jersey in 2004, specializes in "ladder" advertising ". At each step placed some part of the overall picture, and when viewed from a distance, the strips together to form a complete picture. Quite often it may be a visual pun. Here is a blurb Dali exhibition, located in the Museum of Art in Philadelphia.

The Most Creative Stairs Designs, ideas to climb to the second floor

Creative stairs designs : which will make the rise to the second floor more interesting

stairs designs , new creative idea
creative stairs designs, ideas
All things of daily use, sooner or later begin to fall. Especially if this is a common staircase, on which you need each day to climb to the second floor of his home. To prove that not all the ordinary things are boring and ugly, we made a selection of the original design of stairs.

floating stairs design

floating stairs design
floating stairs design - have a good rest
floating stairs design - have a good rest
floating wood stairs design - have a good rest

Ladder-tree - creative stairs design

tree crown stairs design
Stairs in the form of tree crown is perfect for the interior in Eco-style

under stairs storage idea

Rational use of space under the stairs
Rational use of space under the stairs

Staircase with a handrail in the form of trees

Staircase with a handrail
Staircase with a handrail 
Stairs of wooden bars of various sizes

wood forming intricate twists stairs
Tightly pressed together pieces of wood forming intricate twists stairs
Interesting solution designer, creative interior stairs
Interesting solution designer, creative stairs

Stairs design with colorful steps

under stairs storage
Under these bright steps you can store all sorts of things
creative stairs like a skeleton of a huge fish

metal stairs design
smart stairs design Each edge of the skeleton - a step
These steps look like the skeleton of a huge fish
These steps look like the skeleton of a huge fish


stairs bookcase
Such steps will approach this bookworm
stairs design for alot of books
When the house there were a lot of books, it's time to build that stairs
flower stairs ideas

flowers stairs design
This staircase will allow any girl feel like a beautiful fairy, strolling on the petals

Stairs from the afterlife

new stairs design
One gets the impression that this ladder appeared from another world

Staircase with a slide

By this you can go down the stairs immediately
By this you can go down the stairs immediately

Creative Lace stairs design

Along the edge of each step cut lace patterns
metal stairs , Along the edge of each step cut lace patterns

Slanting wood stairs 

Rung of the ladder is located at a very unusual angle
Rung of the ladder is located at a very unusual angle
original staircase
original staircase

smart interior stairs design

All steps of the ladder mounted on the wall
All steps of the ladder mounted on the wall

unique staircase with glass handrails

Unusual design staircase
Unusual design staircase

wood stairs with small cabinets

Each rung of the ladder - a separate box
Each rung of the ladder - a separate box
Stairs with workplace

wood stairs with workplace
wood stairs with workplace
Metal stairs

metal stairs
This staircase reminds iron cage
We Have More For You ..

These original stairs best designs of the world .

Interior Stairs : Own The Luxury in Your Home

interior stairs : consistent with the style of the interior design, new ideas .

History of the stairs began simultaneously with the history of mankind. But the most interesting thing is that with the beginning of time, nothing has changed in the proportions. Even step staircase steps remained the same.

 interior white wood stairs
white wood stairs with wood handrails
Staircase design in the interior of the house is generally consistent with the style and image of the interior. Well, why would you, for example, to make a classic clear glass  stairs, and in Russian hut build stairs of stone or brick. Although, now, at the time of total postmodernism is possible. 

Staircase design in the interior can be quite varied and very impressive. Stairs can be a screw. (That's for sure, impressive!). Stairs can be a console. In this ladder one side steps built into the main wall, the second is unlocked and like hanging in the air. (Also impressive!) Stairs can be straight. Stairs can be a straight line with a 90 degrees.

Stairs can be straight with 180-degree swivel. Stairs can be wooden, stone, brick, wrought metal, ceramic, glass, and even a rope! Well, such a staircase, rather accessory adventure stories! First of all, when choosing a design, think about convenience!

Direct wooden staircase
Direct wooden staircase, new wood stairs
Direct wooden staircase leads to the mezzanine. Her style is consistent with the general interior wooden country house. Straight stairs are comfortable and safe, though less spectacular than, for example, screw.

under stairs storage
wood stairs with under stairs storage 
This original design is both stairs and a place of storage. Cabinets and shelves "under the stairs" look rustic and harmoniously.

Turning interior staircase design
Turning staircase design - floating metal stairs
Turning staircase perfect contrast with the white walls, floor, ceiling and glass windows and doors.

classic interior stairs design
classic concrete stairs design
Classics of this line with the rotation of the ladder clear. Style underline forged handrail with an emphasis stylish modernity.

straight stairs design
straight stairs design - iron handrails
A similar version. Only stairs straight, without turning, leads to the second floor mezzanine.

floating interior stairs
floating stairs design - creative interior staircase ideas
Example cantilevered staircase where only one edge is built into the main wall. Black and white minimalist palette emphasizes the geometry of the composition.

new wooden stairs design with glass handrails
new  interior wooden stairs design with glass handrails
Stairs, like any design, well zoned space. In this case, the glass wall adjacent to the stairs, reinforces this position. But not limited to, the partition is also a guarantee of safety.

stylish wood stairs
elegant and stylish wood stairs, handrails
Smooth and elegant lines of the ladder - a stylish homage to the Art Nouveau style.

interior stairs design
curved stairs design , iron handrails
Another example of Art Nouveau style of luxurious materials and natural and flowing lines, without lines and angles.

Metal Stairs : Useful Construction Information .

Metal stairs :  Materials, Types and Paint standards

Metal Stairs : Useful Construction Information .
Metal stairs :  Materials, Types and Paint standards
Metal stairs are built with materials that meet a series of standards organizations, including the American Society of Weld and the American Society for Testing and Materials.

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floating metal stairs with handrails
 floating metal stairs with handrails, wood steps 


Metal ladders are built using materials that are ASTM standards. For example, the city of New York requires that metal ladders designed for public use are constructed from steel tubing meeting ASTM 501 standard and welding with AWS A5.1-69 standard for electrode welding by arc .

creative metal stairs, interior designs
simple and creative metal stairs, interior stairs designs


Metal ladders can be constructed using a variety of designs depending on the end use of the ladder. These include stuffed stairs concrete stairs, ladders and industrial ladders safety tread. All metal ladders should be constructed with adequate handrails, according to Bay Area Rapid Transport.

Metal stairs designs with handrails, wood steps 


To ensure corrosion resistance of the metal building stairs, a primer made ​​of properties resistant to corrosion must be used. Before applying the paint, the staircase should be cleaned so as to ensure that the paint adheres.

clean metal stairs with simple designs
clean metal stairs with simple designs

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