10 amazing Ads on escalators

Escalators Ads

In Case of advertising almost anything goes.  today  escalators are  amazing advertising place , some may be annoying, while others are fun and creative.

  • Homer Simpson

An escalator was used to publicize the film The Simpsons. Homer Simpson is seen eating their delicious donuts.   
Homer Simpson Ads on escalators
creative escalators idea
Homer Simpson Ads on escalators
creative escalators ads idea homer simpson

  • Red Cross

from the top of the stairs, this ad looks so real that could make people rush to give aid, which could cause injury, the opposite of the campaign of the Canadian Red Ruz. The decal is intended to promote awareness of first aid with a message: "What to do".            
Red Cross Ads on escalators
creative escalators ads idea red cross

  • Star Wars Text

Some tourists in Tel Aviv, Israel, have discovered the Star Wars text on the steps of an escalator.
star war Ads on escalators
creative escalators ads idea star wars

  • Coca-Cola

could not miss the ads for Coca-Cola is not so strange.
coca cola Ads on escalators
creative escalators ads idea coca cola

  • DHL Deliveries

To demonstrate the ability of DHL to deliver on time, regardless of conditions, this piece shown on an escalator in Hong Kong. The moving handrail act as a fast track with a constant flow of little yellow DHL vans. Definitely call enough attention.
dhl Ads on sescalators
creative escalators ads idea DHL hong kong

  • Juice salon

A lounge decided that will not stick posters, is showing his new tactic hairstyles from the escalator. Juice Salon is where the go you can see different hairstyles available.
Juice salon Ads on escalators
creative escalators ads idea hairstyles

  • Duracell

Duracell also use the ladder showing how creativity works, based batteries.
Duracell creative Ads idea on escalators
creative escalators ads idea duracell

  • Pantene

While many women go up or down stairs, can think about how your hair looks. For in the staircase looks like Falls waterfall style.
pantene Ads on escalators
creative escalators ads idea pantene

  • Marca text

Like a marca text would publicize it? Here's the answer!
stabilo Ads on escalators
creative escalators ads idea

  • Amusement

Do you think it's a good idea to publish a roller coaster ride on the escalators? Sure, and I think the effect produced is great!
Escalators Ads
creative escalators ads idea roller coaster ride

escalator dimensions, stairs

what is escalator and how you make it ? 

escalators stairs design
amazing escalator design idea
Not first century facilitate our walking miracle stairs Jesse Reno. Although the original objective was escalators powerful passenger transportation in subways, train stations and major stores, the availability of funds are no fundamental restrictions for their use in a wide variety of indoor and outside them.On the background of crystal chandeliers and heated garden paths it not so much luxury. And in some cases - in hospitals or homes with disabilities, in offices where staff had to constantly move from floor to floor, in areas where produce a continuous cyclical inspection (eg, electrical, located on different floors) personnel on duty, - and at an absolutely necessary tool. though Lifts require less space and facilities, can not be compared with escalators on convenience, speed and bandwidth.
escalators Ads ideas
creative escalators super idea
Currently commercially manufactured escalators length from 3 to 75 meters and cost respectively from several thousand to a million dollars.In the widely varied as their load capacity, speed and smoothness, length, width and height of the steps, climatic performance, noise characteristics, decoration, lighting, design details. Tilt angle can reach 35 degrees for a relatively small height (up to 7 meters) and 30 degrees for long escalators.

Thus, we can always choose (or order exclusive) mechanism for any conceivable application: united floors or terraces in the park, people rise to the head of a statue or inspect able pool water . It is difficult to recommend such a complex piece of engineering for the self-made (although historically cases where planes going it alone in the garage). But a brief overview of the technical challenges faced in the design and maintenance of escalators, and help when buying a ready: it is always helpful to know what options to look for, and what is due to the cost.
modern escalators design
Classical escalator structure is a set of steps, carts, mounted on the traction chain such that each step bears only the load of the weight of people being directly thereon, and the total force on the chain falls and reaches a maximum at its highest point.Special force acting as a chain, and the undercarriage bogies occurs when it is kinked around the drive sprocket and considerably exceeds the average tension on the payload.It is inversely proportional to the length of the link and the radius of inflection. Similarly, these parameters depend on the longitudinal "sitter" that reduces passenger comfort and durability of the escalator. But it is impossible to reduce the length of the link on the strength reasons.As a result, large diameter sprocket escalators exceed 2 meters. Therefore, a huge moment on the shaft, so - a huge gear.

escalators terminology
escalator parts terminology
she stage-trolley must withstand a force of more than 600 kg (on the knoll chain). Moreover, the total backlash of its moving parts may not exceed 0.4 mm. As a result, the cost of a conventional single stage metro escalator (ET-2, ET-3) - 277.0000 USD .

Of course, almost all of the problems outlined greatly simplified the transition to a smaller size and power. When the length of the escalator is not measured in tens and units of meters, the design load is 2 people on each step, and 5 people . It's just a difference. Until the transition from quantitative to qualitative changes: instead of rattling chains and metal carts - polymer parts (light, cheap, in many cases do not require lubrication) instead twitch gearing- and smooth clutches . Even with purely quantitative (without changing the concept) reducing the load capacity and length of 2 times the power consumed by the escalator is reduced 4-5 times the cost - about 4 times. If you get to the same qualitative leap, change orders are measured.
modern escalators design
More fundamental changes in the design (and price) occur during the transition to the corners than lifting 12-15 degrees. At the same time have the opportunity to opt out of the steps. Such mechanisms are called travelators or (at very small angles) passenger conveyors. Their work is a flat blade (of course, with high roughness and not slippery surfaces) polymer or metal strap hinge. Often (at an appropriate distance from the walls and surrounding objects) on the travelers can not use handrails. In many cases, they are more convenient escalators (transport of goods, carts, children and wheelchair users), more economical, quieter.  The only drawback - they occupy a large area to ensure the lift to the same height, and are used, respectively, only in large areas or open spaces, except in cases where the height difference is negligible levels connected.
curved escalators
curved escalator design

metal stairs-resilience and strength

metal stairs are a wonderful piece in your home

On the popularity metal stairs go after the wooden stairs, taking a second place well-deserved . Metal stairs are traditionally used as industrial or exterior, but today more and more.
spiral metal stairs
wonderful spiral metal stairs design
Metallic elements often serve as the basis for wooden or concrete stairs. The result is a combination of stairs, consisting of metal and stone, wood, glass, concrete, in all these combinations of metallic elements reinforce the structure, adding to her resilience and strength.

Stairs, wholly or partly made of metal can be any shape - straight and spiral, elliptical and curved. All metal ladders can serve as main and auxiliary means of descent / ascent, can be installed almost anywhere - today enough coating to help protect prone to rusting metal from moisture while giving ironwork attractive.

Metal is not easy to handle, but even the standard products of modern metal allows to embody the most fantastic ideas of designers and customers - in combination ladder. Besides metal stairs cheaper wood, because the cost of the metal below the cost of hardwood.

few customers agree that their internal staircase was entirely of metal yet , only presenting a hollow sound of footsteps on metal stairs, metal stairs to evoke the cold - "cold metal". Quite another matter, unless the frame is metal stairs, and other elements of a different material - wood, stone or glass.

If a wooden staircase creates an aura of classical style, the staircase to the metal frame - light and airy feel of modernity. However, the final product - a metal stairs - will be what it will do, so you need to carefully choose the performers.

metal stairs conditions

Metal stairs are operated under different conditions - they are external and internal. In the first case, the important strength and high wear resistance, without any design refinements. The internal stairs of metal more demanding, and they should be strong and strictly match the style and have no defects.
wonderful metal stairs designs painted black and white
unusual metal stairs design black and white
Elements of internal and external staircases of metal joined by welding, in each case in different ways - by internal stairs welds should not be evident. Say it is impossible? Well, why not - experienced craftsmen are not like that. Even the weld can and should become a design element, combined with the main stair ornament and dissolve in it. Stairs made of metal can be especially made of nonferrous metals and alloys, chrome-plated and forged decorative ornament - a real masterpiece.

creation of metal stairs 

Until the moment when the customer will enjoy your new acquisition - a metal stairs, it goes through several stages of creation. At the first stage designer develops future style stairs, creating sketches and coordinating them with the customer. Next artist takes measurements on site and expects to construct stairs. Calculations are completed  - drawings sent to the shop, where all  the ladder elements will make , basic and decorative. In the next step ladders installers collected on site. If the room has other repairs (decoration, installation of other equipment), the stairs going to only partially - the basic elements. Last stage - complete assembly of all the elements and as a result of metal ladder ready. Important note - no serious artist would not agree to reduce the strength characteristics of a ladder structure for the sake of design, the main task of stairs - be safe.

metal stairs materials

In the manufacture of metal and combined stairways used almost the entire assortment of metal: steel pipes and sheets, fittings and profiled steel (angles, channels, I-beams). Stringers and the string can be from an I-beam or sill, as well as of angle steel and non-standard profile - box, ramp, double-T-shaped, fitted with brackets. In creating decorative elements used forging and casting, giving the stairs uniqueness.  metal stairs to the base of the steel sheet attached ribbed surface or completely coated with a material that reduces the slip to a minimum, there is good tires.

Creation of metal stairs - a laborious process. Insufficient attention paid to the structural strength, you need to carefully handle all ladder elements of rust and burrs before painting. All edge parts must be carefully rounded - any imperfection can turn trauma.
 metal stairs with glass steps and metal handrails
combined metal with glass in amazing stairs design

In a case like the creation of metal ladders professional artist - not an empty phrase.

wooden stairs - designs - characteristics

advantages of wooden stairs designs, types and qualities 

Tree - one of the oldest building materials. from it you can create a ladder of any design.

screw, marching or combined (combination of the first two types of structures). Wizard creates a wooden staircase is not limited in the choice of carrier elements ladder design and in the way the steps. Wooden staircase can be built on rails (console type) or Saddle, bowstrings or supporting columns can be combined - to combine several types of mounts during the marches.
Wood Stairs Design
Wooden Stairs Design details
Classic, the most common type of wooden stairs - two angled beams, stringers (straight, round or serrated) with steps attached over beams. This type of ladder is tested over many centuries, it is durable and reliable. Disadvantages: heavy weight construction, the need for a considerable area (depending on the size of the stairs).

No less popular type of wood stairs - with fastening on the string. Stairs of this design is always an ornament of the house and is located in the central hall or living room. Under stair space can be closed and get a room normally used for storage. Disadvantages of such a staircase similar to the wooden stairs to the Saddle, design staircases both types must be considered early in the design of the house - they are bulky and thick.

Rung of the ladder attached to the Boltzmann, turn it into a console ladder - this type of wooden stairs  the most modern today. Still - staircase with no visible supports, without handrails looks absolutely amazing! However, up and down on it a little scary, it's hard to get rid of the feeling that the stage would collapse under the weight coming down on them.It should be noted that each stage freely withstand the load of a few hundred pounds, its attachment to the wall securely. Among all other types of ladders stairs and rails is easier to clean, it generally no corners - places where normally dusty. It takes up little space, almost negligible. The downside, in my opinion, is its lightness - I would still supplied cantilever staircase railings for greater confidence in their own security during the descent / ascent on it.

wooden spiral staircase, consisting solely of steps, a small footprint, it can be created in any room - and she will decorate this room. The main disadvantage of the spiral staircase - spiral movement, with the need to look carefully at his feet and hold on to the railing, fast descent / ascent on it is dangerous to a greater extent than other stairs designs.

stairs combination

In general, wooden stairs have positive qualities such as strength and resistance to stress, harmony with the interior space, the relative cheapness and ease of use. Solid wood used in the construction of wooden stairs is environmentally safe.

Common drawback, which have all types of wooden stairs - after several years of operation ascent / descent on them accompanied by a squeak.

wooden stairs - Production details

For the manufacture of stairs is not suitable for any wood. For the main data elements used stairs hardwoods - beech, maple and oak, as wood of these trees less susceptible to drying out of all - the main reason squeak when walked on the wooden stairs. Other elements of the ladder design, including decorative, made ​​of cherry and hornbeam, ash and walnut, teak and rosewood. Counting stairs design must take into account the physical properties of each kind of wood, they are different and incorrect use can cause a decrease in the strength of all the stairs.

The table below shows the density of some types of wood used in the creation of the stairs :
wood stairs density
density of some types of wood
Typically, a wooden staircase is not colored, it is covered in several layers of lacquer. Natural wood pattern will then be saved, so it will have a value of character cut solid wood, selected as the material for the wooden staircase. Tree trunk sawn in two directions - radial and tangential.

Radial cut passes through the core of a tree trunk, the resulting array has almost the same texture and color. An array of radial timber is most stable and resistant to any deformation, it is wear-resistant, and hence - durable. However, the cost of such an array of cutting is high, because from the trunk obtained only 10-15% of the finished product, and the remainder goes to waste.

When cutting, called tangential incision extends away from the core through the annual growth rings of the trunk. Texture pattern of such an array is full of growth rings in the form of waves. The resulting array has a way lower quality scores than radial, and it is cheap.
wood stairs
wooden stairs design paint

The incorporation of stairs structure - tips

Ways to connect the wooden stairs many details about them need to tell apart. In short, amateurs use nails and screws, professionals - Hidden Slot, finger joints and special adhesives. On how and what parts are connected ladder will depend on its strength and appearance. Nails and screws are still in use and some manufacturers, but such a connection gives unattractive design, so nail heads (screws) must be covered on top wooden plugs - if stairs will be painted with paint, the joints will not be visible.If the stairs designs will be varnished, the cork will not save - the joints are visible. Therefore, it is important to avoid the use of screws and nails on visible parts of the stairs.

Stairs in a country house - designs - materials - shape - ideas

How to choose stairs designs,materials, in a country house 

Reflecting on what type of stairs would be preferable in a country house, a homeowner faces a choice - what type of ladder is best suited for the house and its inhabitants? Correct choice of several components - the appointment of a country house, the age of its residents, temporary or permanent residence in the house, the layout of rooms, number of floors, the inner area of ​​the building, heating method, etc. In some cases, it will be important what material built country house - for example, a concrete staircase is not suitable for wooden building.
wood spiral stairs
country house stairs design
Manufacturers offer different types of stairs designs , moreover, they are willing to concede to any whim of the customer. However, the design of the stairs there are any more solid rules, if ignored, could result in serious injury when climbing / descending the "non-standard" ladder.

Some mandatory rules for the ladder structure:

  1. concrete slabs site in width should be equal (or greater than) the width of the flight of stairs .
  2. Ideally, if the capital is surrounded by a staircase wall, and between the attic floor and the stairwell there is a partition with an opening for the entrance to the stairs.                                                            
  3. optimum height of 15 to 18 cm, width - enough to completely foot the owner of the incoming stair treads
  4. minimum width of stairs shall be considered adequate if it freely disperse two people, one of which goes up and the second goes down . Considered acceptable span width of 80 cm (preferably 10-20 cm wider)                                                                   
  5. angle of stairs - no more than 45 °. If the slope of the stairs has a greater degree, the down / up the same time it may be only one person. Move the ladder with a large bias is difficult, it is necessary to such stairs handrail (standard railing height - 80 cm);
  6. stair design should be suitable to  fire situation ! By the way, the wooden stairs is not necessarily a fire hazard, it is necessary only treatment formulations that prevent burning.

Stairs in a country house - shape, and material

Selecting the optimum shape for a country house stairs due to the presence of free space - the smaller it is, the greater the slope angle of the stairs, there will be more twists and turns on it. Ladders come in different types - consisting of one or several marches straight and curved, arched and elliptical . They are internal and external, their design can be built on rails, Saddle and string, they can be collected from finished pieces - modules. Steel bolts that secure the ladder to the wall, called Boltzmann. Stairs and rails take up little space and impressive look - dangling in the air. While the opposite side of the steps and railings  string or on bolts - each other.
floating stairs
stairs designs shape materials in country house
Saddle called inclined beam - the basis for the steps of the staircase, with the steps lie on this beam. installation steps on the inside of the carrier inclined beams - the so-called ladder on the string, and the beam itself is called stringers. Stairs, formed from pre-universal blocks, called modular .Collect it, as we are assured manufacturers, any person (minimum of two required installer) without special training and special tools. There are several basic materials from which run stairs - brick and concrete, stone, metal, wood, glass and plastic. If stairs are involved in the construction of two or more types of material, such a combination is called a ladder. Brick good material for stair treads, strong and abrasion resistant, but - only suitable for outdoor stairs.
concrete stairs
concrete stairs with iron handrails

concrete stairs

Stairs made ​​of concrete (concrete) are fairly common, they can be, inside and outside. Such stairs - a mandatory attribute of flats. Concrete - resistant material withstands all weather conditions and temperature extremes, can withstand heavy loads. However, installation of concrete stairs difficult - because of the large weight of the ladder needs a crane and sturdy base. Stone in the ladder structure forms a "body ladder" on top masonry poured concrete. stone staircase has all the advantages of concrete, is cheap, but it takes a lot of space and has significant weight.
metal stairs
metal black stairs design

metal stairs

Stairs made ​​of metal is robust, it is reliable. Wrought iron railings and fencing can turn iron staircase into a masterpiece. Resistant metal - no sound, vibration or deformation of the shape. Load, moisture and temperature changes for metal stairs present no problems. Stairs made ​​of black metal  - a variety of "air" forms and reasonable cost. Negative aspects of metal stairs - in some of the interiors are causing disharmony, metal rust prone and needs from time to time in recolor.
wood stairs
fantastic wood stair design

wood stairs

Wood as a material for the stairs in a country house looks very attractive. Indeed, what could be better and more natural wood - a natural and environmentally friendly material. Wooden staircase - decoration, functional piece of furniture, perfectly amenable decorative treatment. Among the negative factors wooden staircase - its cost, fragility (rot), ascent and descent on it over time accompanied by an unpleasant creaking. Wooden stairs are not resistant to abrasion,  dirt eats in them - they darken. Over time, the construction of wooden stairs shattered in the first place - the railing. In most cases, the problems associated with wooden staircase with poor quality wood - are not suitable for all types of wood, impact and unprofessional performers.
combination modern stairs

modern staircase

There ladders which use a combination of materials : metal + glass (plastic wood). In most cases, a combination of materials can significantly improve the performance of the stairs, there is a mutual exclusion of negative qualities. Combinations of materials in combined ladders allow to obtain a true masterpiece , the decoration of any interior, and the right combination saves space. For example, the combined metal-tree a gain in all respects - it takes less space, high strength (metal) and aesthetic appeal (tree). A combination of metal + glass staircase will ultramodern style.  Creating combined ladder requires the involvement of experts of two (or more) different directions - hence the high cost and duration of execution.

    staircase ideas-unusual stairs

    unique stairs

    By definition a ladder - is a construction design connecting the different levels of the room or area that allows a person to climb or descend, putting legs on the inclined plane, and on flat stages, which increases the convenience of this movement and its safety. However, not only this (and sometimes not this) function can perform the stairs. Or on the contrary, the same problem can solve the product on a classic staircase quite similar .
    space saver stairs
    small wooden stairs designs idea

    space saver stairs

    First of all, the view from the stairs depends on what point it connects: floors crowded room or floor to the bed of the second tier, on a gently sloping hill is in the garden or vertically to the attic. That appointment mainly determines the size, material and stairs design itself . Also affects them contingent of users for whom primarily designed staircase: apart from the usual "average" people, it may be children, disabled people, even animals. Furthermore, the imprint is applied strongest aesthetic requirements that exist (in a greater or lesser extent) in the creation of any design. In the end, these requirements may be the main and only then there is a staircase will serve only a decorative feature.

    The most common can probably call FLOATING . But even they are transformed into something unique, if, for example, as a material to choose glass (and even with colored lights), or when the stage can be added, blending into a smooth exit, or, say, when a sort of decorative staircase (but quite normal size and forms) leads nowhere, as if proclaiming victory in the fight aesthetics with common sense .
    wood space saver stairs
    floating stairs design
    Screw, strings , etc. stairs originally meant originality and special design. Their very design contributes to the most unimaginable ideas. The use of appropriate materials and shapes makes it easy to fit them into the interior of any style - even techno, though baroque.

    Very unusual design of roof across (internal attic) stairs. Their main feature is that they are cleaned (they are too rarely used to stairs constantly occupied living space), but at the same time quite quickly and easily found in "combat readiness." Whole mass of such mechanisms can be divided into three major groups: fully retracts into the attic (the most simple, but require enough space on it), extendable (firefighters) and folding "accordion". The last two options, though more complicated in construction, but interesting in that their greatest section (when the rest retracted or folded into it) and can serve as an attic hatch - conveniently and economically.

    outdoor stairs

    In a special section should include garden ladders (and other for open areas). As a rule, they perform a decorative feature (without quite possible to manage and even prevent transport) and therefore present only in expensive areas, comfortable in its class. Any hilly or sloping area can equalize (if used for growing potatoes). But the availability of funds and taste irregularities worth contrary to emphasize, emphasize using ladders. They may have only two or three low steps (by combining, for example, the levels of the main garden path and pergola or terrace and fountain), but once the garden will give volume, three-dimensional.

    Often occur conversion functions on the same ladder. For example, there was a decorative "nowhere", which housed (in artistic disorder) flowerpots and bookshelves. Following the acquisition of new furniture and overhaul of it did , ceiling spotlights which shine at angles 45 and 45 degrees thanks to the echelon form.

    Another case. Lost relevance outside leaning (but fixed permanently) stairs to the attic: a roof done a beautiful interior. But no one on the street is not going to dismantle on her perfect , it has become decorative.

    Or even the birth of a whole "sculptural ensemble." It began with that little puppy could not climb onto the porch (one step height of about 25cm). Arranged for him a miniature wooden (about a quarter of the width of the porch) ladder that breaks this height by 4 steps.She was so beautiful and so perfectly fit into the interior of the porch and veranda, and that after sprouting her dog not destroyed, but also built a smaller copy of the house (so stylized booth). Turned a sort of "sub space", as in a mirror in front of a mirror or on a monitor displaying the image of the camera, taking pictures ... Amazingly this monitor looks. Now, when you have free time ensemble gradually add details (also copied reality) - micro-well, micro-trees near the house, etc.

    It should be remembered that the same problem can be solved by a lot of different ways, but the most mundane objects in the presence of imagination and artistic taste can be turned into works of art.

    stair parts-terminology

    Stairs components 

    stair parts terminology
    stairs parts names

    Height between floors.actual finished floor height on the lower ground floor to the top floor finish.

    Width of stairs.Width of a flight of stairs including railing, stringers, etc.

    Increment.Actual width of each flight of stairs railing and stringer discounting.

    Stairwell.Space the ladder unfolds. is determined by the upper recess.

    Riser.Height difference between two consecutive steps.

    Front.Vertical part of the rings which normally coincides with the height riser. 

    Step offset, range, triangle, etc.shaped rungs that appear in turns of stairs, resulting from the partition of a landing in several steps to improve the height of the risers.

    Open staircase / ladder closed.opened without risers, there gap between steps. Closed risers.

    stair compensated.One in which the steps have been offset in the rotation to facilitate the transition.

    Spiral staircase with central axis.Staircase with circular imprint line built around a shaft or mast. They may be in round or square boxes ladder. The steps are the same shortening, are equal and end at a final landing.

    Rung at ground level.Final step at the same level of the upper floor.

    Step out.Bottom rung of the ladder. You can go a height below or level with the top soil. Often used a final landing.

    Step boot.First rung of a ladder that can be shaped for easy access.

    Eye of the ladder.Free between the legs of a U-shaped staircase .

    Line trace.imaginary line that is a ladder which most of the time in transit. In the straight sections are usually located in the center but is especially relevant in turns to deliver distances from the ends.

    Footprint.Horizontal portion of the step on which the foot rests. Light tread.

    Giro.Changing direction. A ladder can rotate clockwise in a clockwise or counterclockwise instead counterclockwise.

    Outside staircase.Located outside the building.

    Arrival or landing of the staircase.Near the top floor where we want to reach the stairs.

    Pylon, or newel post.Banister stanchion. In turn, also used as a structural element and turn the wooden stairs.

    Rounding steps.Attempt of the edges with a small radius cutter.

    Flight of stairs.Sequence of consecutive steps to the emergence of a turn.

    Flight of the step.Part of the tread that protrudes from the riser for the front. Amplitude of the front edge of the steps to allow more tread on the rise. The flight has to be small to prevent users stumble.

    Forge.Concrete structure, wood or iron on the top floor that bounds the stairwell. It is important to know your height to avoid the bad situation .

    Bridle.Said of the existing clearance between a stepping stone and wrought / roof top. Assumes a disability because you can give to the head or psychic because it seems like you're going to hit. The minimum required to avoid the snooze is 200 cm.

    Slope of a ladder.Is the ladder inclination to the horizontal plane.

    Railing.Protection of the stairs in his free hand. There are different options, the most common is mullion assemblies between hearth and balusters and handrails.

    Thickness step.stringer, riser, etc..  Thickness .

    Step.step ladder part that serves to support the foot on the tread. Footprint and include flight, the latter option.

    Footprint.Horizontal part of the step on which the foot rests.

    Rails.Security element for the user of the ladder rests. We found part of the railing as superior piece provides stability and collects loose balusters or subject with brackets to the wall.

    How to cover a metal stairs with wood

    Cover metal stair with wood 

    Wooden stairs look nice and add housing respectability. To make the structure more strength base is made of metal, and then sheathed with wood. To hide unsightly elements, welded frame, grab timber and properly secure it to the stairs.
    metal stairs covered with wood
    metal stairs covered with wood

    You will need

    ready-made wood cover
    Carpenter's tool.


    1. Select the design of stairs.Sheathing metal skeleton tree performed in different ways.with and without pod stupe them,  with wooden railings and balusters or metal railings. Construction to look presentable, fully welded frame sew completing all elements of decoration of wood stairs.                                                                                               
    2. Decide what will be the material for steps. To finish them use different types of wood: ash, beech, oak , larch, pine. The main rule - to the top of the steps (pads) should be taken material that is resistance . To do this, fit ash, beech and oak. To trim vertical gaps between the stages use laminated oak or an array of softer rocks. If the stair is closed carpeted, pine or spruce will be quite appropriate for this.                                                      
    3. Prepare the skin elements. Adjust the material under size frame so that there is no cracks. To do this, the wooden parts of stages, pre-measured and numbered each of them.                                                                                                                            
    4. Pick the type of balustrade. Performing a safety function on the steps of the fence is a spectacular element of decoration stairs - it determines the first impression of the design. Since railings are of different dimensions, pick the most comfortable shape for your hand. Also, the location of the balusters is very important  on the stairs. It is possible to make the interval between 220 mm and 130 mm or 90 mm.Place them at a distance of not less than 130 mm-this is the best  comfortable level width.                           
    5. Install wooden elements. Lock the upper stage of the screws. Thereafter Abut pod stupe tightly into the frame and secure too.Do the same for the entire length of the structure. Along the edges of steps, from beginning to end of the stairs, columns and balusters place. Check out their vertical, fix elements special studs and install them railing.                                                                                                                             
    6. Sew the frame completely. Close the side of the ladder wood panel, carved in the form of steps.To decorate metal marches rear design, use the same panel or plasterboard. This work is carried out after plating steps . Apply varnish on all the wooden elements of the stairs.         


    Taking the form of railings, balusters and posts do not forget that everything has to be designed in the same design style.

    stairs designs ideas from all the world - 34 picture

    Stairs designs from different countries 

    Nowadays staircase is not only a means of transportation in human space. In addition to its core, it increasingly becomes one of the central elements of the interior, helping their appearance create a certain atmosphere and mood in the house. that is why every country have a different stairs design .
    we try to collect to you the stairs designs from all the world .

    stairs in an abandoned French castle
    Beautiful staircase in an abandoned French castle
    curved stairs design in Paris
    Paris France
    spiral stairs design in La Conciergerie Paris
    Incredible Pictures La Conciergerie Paris
    curved stairs design Paris
    Maxim's stairs Paris
    spiral stairs in national museum in Paris
    Spiral Staircase, National Museum, Paris
    stairs of the Galerie Vivienne, Paris
    The Famous Stairs, Paris
    Aqua stairs Hydra Island, Greece
    Aqua Steps Hydra Island, Greece
    stairs design in Santorini, Greece
    lovely Stairs design in Santorini, Greece
    curved stairs designs in München, Germany
    Art Deco Staircase in München, Germany
    abandoned stairs Poland
    Awesome stairway in an abandoned palace, Poland
    spiral staircase at Melk Abbey Austria
    Beautiful spiral staircase at Melk Abbey Austria
    colored stairs design Beirut
    beautiful stairs design colored in Beirut
    stairs design in Ely Cathedral Cambridgeshire UK
    Ely Cathedral Cambridgeshire UK
    stairs design Granada Spain
     stairs design Granada, Spain
    stair lighting in sydney
    Hopscotch Stairs in Sydney They light up when people walk up the stairs
    stairs design in barcelona
    red hair girl stairs design, Barcelona
    spiral stairs Prague Czech Republic
    Light bulb Staircase design Prague Czech Republic
    Mystical Stairs design Blue Ridge Mountains North Carolina
    Mystical Stairs Blue Ridge Mountains North Carolina
    stairs in Santa barbara California photo by Neil Kremer
    Old Court House Stairs Santa Barbara California
    stairs design in Sicily Italy
    Ornate Staircase Sicily Italy
    stairs design in Palazzo Madama
    Palazzo Madama creative stairs design
    spiral stairs in Peles Castle Romania
    Peles Castle in Romania
    Mosaic stairs design in San Francisco
    San Francisco's Secret Mosaic Staircase  
    stairs designs in Sayulita Mexico
    Mexico wonderful stairs design
    spiral stairs design in Umbria, Italy
    Spiral Staircase design in Umbria Italy
    curved stairs designs in London
     St-Paul's, London
    stairs design in Lello Bookstore Porto Portugal
    Staircase Lello Bookstore Porto Portugal
    stairs to heaven in Hawaii
    stairs design in Oahu Hawaii
    stairs design Taiwan
    Taichung Taiwan
    The Rookery Chicago stairs design
    The Rookery Chicago
    stairs design in India
    Walking Through Geometry Jan tar Man tar India
    mosaic stairs designs San Francisco
    San Francisco Secret Mosaic Staircase

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