Sculptural staircase design

Sculptural staircase design studio from Philip Watts Design

Famous British designers, as Designers Philip Watts received numerous awards for their incredible projects. In 20 years of its experts have issued more than 100 interior, created more than 500 interior and more than 150 unique installations worldwide. Offers admire one of the most amazing creations - sculptural staircase.
sculptural staircase
stairs designs by Philip watts
A huge collection of products produced by specialists studio includes all variety of creative metal products, lighting, modern plumbing. But sculptural staircase designed for a private project, is striking.
sculptural staircase
creative metal stairs design
A breathtaking stairs design takes the form of the spine, stretching between two floors and seems to spread out on the ground floor in a puddle of metal. There is an overwhelming feeling of unreality, some sci-fi reality, which appeared under the influence of the Swiss artist GR Giger.
sculptural staircase
amazing staircase design
Through a combination of art and functionality sculptural stairs is really worthy of applause. Amazing combination of metal, wood and glass. The main part of the spine - a metal axle. Steps have an elliptical shape and are made ​​of light wood railing ribs limited glass. 
sculptural staircase
metal staircase designs


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