48 interior stairs, stair railings, stairs designs

Stairs designs, Design and engineering of stairs, 48 Examples of interior stairs

48 Stairs designs made in France and filled with the spirit of France. Architects in many European countries have a good sense of taste and used amazing stair railings.ideal fencing combined with steps made of stone (granite and marble), as well as emphasize the beauty of the wood when used in the construction of wooden stairs.

You can use various colors for elements of stairs, gilding or artificial aging elements. Stairs can be completed with crystals and semi-precious stones, and different series can be used in classical or modern interiors.

let's start interior stairs designs

interior stairs
interior stairs designs

safe stairs

Tips to have Safe Stairs

You would be surprised when you  know how many people die each year and injured from falling down the stairs.  particular risk are the elderly and young children. In fact, one wrong step can be critical. However, you can reduce their dangerous, in this article we will write about some of the factors in its construction to be safe ladder.

stair lighting, handrails, safe stairs
stair lighting, handrails, safe stairs

Spiral Staircase, Folio Staircase from italian designers

Futuristic staircase from Italian designers 

Spiral Staircase, Folio Staircase
Spiral Staircase, Folio Staircase from Italian designers

stair railings

stairs and railings

Wrong to think that the staircase in the house is only a functional element.Sometimes staircase located in the heart of the house and defines the interior , it has aesthetic characteristics. That is why great attention is paid to the design of stairs. This topic contains pictures of stair railings .

indoor stair railings
indoor stair railings

Escher steps, impossible stairs

Escher stairs design

Escher stairs
Escher steps, impossible stairs

How to install a folding attic stairs

Folding attic Stairs

Folding attic Stairs is a versatile piece folding as it doubles up leaving the space free when not in use. With integrated spring. the stairway extends from the ceiling simply by pulling a cord. to install one of these stairs requires hard work and some assistants to help you install the ladder . Get ready for heavy lifting and cutting your roof with the necessary tools before you begin.

Folding attic Stairs
Folding attic stairs

Stairs Designs Forms

Stairs Various Forms

Stairs forms depend on the destination, location and architectural design of buildings in which they are located.
stairs forms
Stairs Various Forms

Floating Stairs 

most common type of stairs - they are simple and economical. Most often pace stair design consists of two, usually of the same length, marches and two sites: cozy and intercommunication. If instead intercommunication platform to project multiple oblique (winder) stages, the length of the ladder, and thus the area of dealing with it, can be significantly reduced. By embedding the stairs in a doorway in which the stairs with straight pads do not fit. steps make simultaneous climb and turn, that allows to project the main marches flatter. Open staircases, stairs steps and intercommunication platforms, may have in terms of L-, P-, T-, W-and Z-shaped form.

Stairs, consisting of one winder steps, called a screw .

Spiral Stairs

A spiral staircase has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the spiral staircase in front of the march is to a smaller area. Usually spiral staircase fits into a circle whose center is the leg . When levels 1m and equal altitudes risers, spiral stairs occupies a half times less than the march. However, the speed of 1.5 m length and equal altitudes risers, the areas occupied by the spiral stairs .Further increase in the radius of the spiral stairs becomes impractical, because it is considerably inferior to a stairs in comfort. march spiral stairs has a different slant: the closer to the center, the staircase becomes steeper. When a shoot on the spiral stairs is one leg on a gentle slope, the other - on the steep. Also, the closer to the center, the narrower the step. To partially reduce inconvenience shoot, stage spiral stairs often do without risers, that however, does not improve the descent down the stairs.

spiral and curved stairs
spiral and curved stairs

If the center post of a spiral stairs to extend or not to install, you get a so-called spiral stairs . Spiral staircase with a perfect inner and outer radius and with variable inner and outer radii - straight- . stairs as marching, make T-, P-or S-shaped.

When designing stairs should stick to the rule: the more exotic staircase in the figure, the more expensive it is more difficult to make and often inconvenient to use.

Spiral Stairs : Manufacture and Calculation Stairs design

Spiral Stairs Manufacture and Calculation 

This is the most beautiful and the most difficult to manufacture and calculation ladders. Required for the manufacture of bowstrings conductors. Dimensions conductors are made for the full amount of stairs and require large production areas and material costs. So we will not dwell on this detail . These products - for people professionally engaged in manufacturing stairs for large or enthusiasts of the woodwork. We describe only the main points.

manufacture and calculation stairs
spiral stairs 

Made two conductor for external and internal string. Template for the string is placed in the inner conductor to the outer string. string size conductors position relative to each other so that between them stood stage of the same length. Then conductors using clamps made ​​of bent-glued string .Each string of glued veneer strips so that the fibers of all layers were approximately parallel. While constantly checking the parallelism with themselves. Otherwise stage, embedded in a string "will miss" by another. Should also provide allowances sizes bowstrings subsequent processing.

manufacture and calculation stairs
curved stairs

Once the string will be ready and dried, and made steps cut into the string in the usual way. Handrails are made according to the outer conductor of the string. Needless to say, that the conductors and using the bending  method can be made of any outline of spiral stairs and S-shaped, which by their physical, mechanical and aesthetic qualities will not yield, and in many ways surpass products made from solid wood .

How to install wood stairs

Stairs is the Complex and voluminous element of a  house. With its help provided vertical linkages along different trajectories. Quite often, people are engaged in the installation of wooden stairs. Cause it requires special attention.

How to install wood stairs
Wood Stairs


  • Stairs presents alternating inclined parts with stepped surface. Also, it must be present horizontal parts. Stairs distinguished by location marches in the stairwell. The width of the staging area must be more than the width of the march. Width of the condominium site can determine a convenient location with entrance door to the apartment , but it must be greater than the width of the march. Currently, the most common are pace stair. Ascending and descending marches they are separated at intervals of 10-15 centimeters. Parapet railing is installed above the platform about 0.9 meters.

  • At any stairs railing necessarily be in the form of capital fireproof walls. From the attic staircase cell walls separated and overlap. They must also be fire resistant. This opening can be done only doorway to enter the attic.

  • Wooden staircase Her stage located on Saddle or on the string. Each piece of wooden stairs should be made ​​of first-class timber. Its humidity should not exceed 12 percent. Tread made ​​of pine or oak planks . They must have a minimum number of knots. Risers can be made ​​of pine boards. It should be noted that the stairs at Saddle looks much prettier than the staircase on the string. However stairs bars need a large cross section. As for cutting steps will reduce stringers. Ascension and landings wooden stairs can be hung from the bottom battens. To reduce the risk of ignition must be plastered them.

Top 10 multifunctional stairs designs

creative stairs designs by modern furniture designers  

examples of top 10 multifunctional stairs
examples of top 10 multifunctional stairs designs
Rise not only to the second floor, but also a new level of design of the living space inside the library allow stairs cupboard ladder, hanging ladder-bedroom and many other improved versions of ordinary stairs design. This review presents a dozen examples of the original furniture from the speed of today's designers.

stairs from French creatives of Cinna - hybrid bookcase and mini-staircase. With its help young children learn to read without problems would get vending book from a high shelf. However, parents will have to find another place for literature, with which kids learn early. Designers themselves pursuing purely aesthetic purpose - to give a modern home library stacks ancient form in which it was impossible to do without stairs.

bookcase and mini staircase
bookcase and mini staircase
Ascending Retreat Expresses - staircase, fitted under the bed space. In addition to the steps, "set" includes hanging furniture - bed, desk and seat-rope swing. Author of the idea - Timo ( Thiemo Hildebrandt ), - sure that this solution is ideal for children's and teen rooms in small houses .

bedroom stairs design by Thiemo Hildebrandt
bedroom stairs design by Thiemo Hildebrandt
Staircase Storage Solution - a fancy wardrobe, drawers which nominated such as ladder rungs. Thanks to a custom design to get to the things that are stored on the top, maybe without using ladders, chairs and other items, adding a dozen or more centimeters.

wardrobe staircase storage solution
wardrobe staircase storage solution - space saver stairs
Built-in mini-ladder shoe shelves Uni-craft Joinery Step Drawers - creative and convenient alternative to traditional bulky cabinets and open shelves. The only thing that may cause inconvenience - the inability to dry soaked shoes just inside steps. But the height of the ladder allows you to select on a separate box for shoes, umbrellas , scarves and other settled in the hallway relevant details.

space saver stairs
creative space saver stairs
Designed Smith Matthias stepladder Tilt is not as simple as it may seem. To it is attached a set of removable shelves and drawers. Thanks to them, the stairs will also have a place as a shelf in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

multifunctional stairs by smith matthias
multifunctional stairs by smith Matthias
Stairs Library ( Bookcase Staircase ) will appeal to those who do not want to clutter up the already tight living space. Original wardrobe, London designers invented the art of Bureau Levitate , able to accommodate and sustain more than 2,000 books. And steps are wide enough to serve as a bench owners to read.

bookcase staircase design
bookcase staircase design
Stairs-dressers popular in densely populated Japan, where people used to fight for every square inch inside the housing. Their example inspired not familiar with this problem, but very conscious American designers Damara Ortolani Sisti  and Moynian Megan . Result of teamwork - multifunctional ladder Tansu Chest Stairs , supplemented not only boxes, but a secret storage area.

space saver stairs - cupboard design
space saver stairs - cupboard design
Step Ladder Chair - chair-ladder from the category of things "and suddenly come in handy." Of course, the ladder very few people want every day, but sooner or later in any apartment renovation begins. And it is known, can not be done once and for all. While the old wallpaper match mood, Step Ladder Chair not gather dust on the balcony and benefits - as a regular chair.
steel foldaway stairs
steel foldaway stairs, stairs Chair
Ido Krigsmenn found the best way to catch the three birds at once - make stairs elegant look, protect yourself and your family from home accidents and do not pay for electricity. Built in stages LEDs react to the pressure coming, illuminating and extinguished automatically. 

multifunctional smart stairs designs
multifunctional smart stairs designs
Funny furniture combination Power Chair from drapes Guillaume ( Guillaume Drapier ) as a real ladder can only use a very small child. But "people" older can easily find a couple of the more interesting interior solutions. Power Chair - this bench and table, and the towel In any case, each family member will have their own personal "step".

power chair for all family
power chair for all family, staircase

fantastic stairs design - Stairscraper

 Skyscraper ladder Stairscraper / Nabito  "Road to the Clouds"

stairscraper new stairs design in new york
Stairscraper new stairs design in new York 

Mankind keeps trying to climb on foot to the skies since the time of the Tower of Babel. From the Bible we remember than the end of this undertaking, but every year all the advanced technology, people are smarter and buildings under construction all of the above ... And then, finally, and he very concept of this ladder in the sky, amazing skyscraper Stairscraper , designed Spanish developers of NĂ¡bito Arquitectura and became one of the finalists Total Housing: Apartments in 2010 , which was held in New York.

stairscraper new stairs design, spiral stairs
Stairscraper new stairs design  

A huge building, resembling a screw or corkscrew, is actually a spiral staircase on which probably could ascend to heaven, to the sun itself, above the clouds. However, given the infrastructure, which will be rich skyscraper stairs, it is doubtful that anyone would want to exchange the creature comforts at exorbitant unknown.

 spiral staircase in New York
 spiral staircase in New York

Thus, the skyscraper will be very generous with windows and balconies, which means that potential tenants apartments not threatened by a lack of lighting. In addition, terraces and porches, floors, stairs educated, designers have planned as recreational areas: parks, tennis courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, outdoor restaurants and cafes. By and large, the project resembles the vertical development of the city - like urban neighborhoods with private cottages grouped and built one above the other.
spiral stairs design in new York, stairscraper
amazing spiral stairs design in new York, stairscraper
spiral stairs design in new York, stairscraper, Nabito
 New stairs design in NY - Stairscraper

Even the authors of the project called Stairscraper link urban and suburban, horizontal and vertical, personal and general, in general, all-purpose building, That's just the realization of this project may be delayed significantly: while it is clear is that there are beautiful pictures, sketches, and the author's concept. Will built this giant - it is as a giant question mark.
Stairscraper is a new stairs design in New York
Stairscraper is a new stairs design in New York

25 creative advertising in elevators and escalators

Sometimes the best way to capture consumer attention is the integration of advertising in the environment in which it unfolds daily. And because rare is the day we do not take an elevator or escalator use, more and more advertisers are betting on these devices as an advertising medium. Then collect 25 advertising campaigns that exploit the creative potential of the elevators and escalators .

  1. Juice Salon                                                                                                           
    advertising in escalators juice salon
    advertising in escalators juice salon
  2. Stabilo                                                                                                                      
    advertising in escalators stabilo
    advertising in escalators stabilo
  3. Hopi Hari Theme Park                                                                                                     
    advertising in escalators HopiHari Theme Park
    advertising in escalators HopiHari Theme Park
  4. Consol Energy                                                                                                              
    advertising in escalators Consol Energy
    advertising in escalators Consol Energy
  5. Hyundai                                                                                                                            
    advertising in escalators Hyundai
    advertising in escalators Hyundai
  6. Duracell                                                                                                                              
    advertising in escalators Duracell
    advertising in escalators Duracell
  7. H & S                                                                                                                        
    advertising and escalators H & S
    advertising and escalators H & S
  8. Canadian Red Cross                                                                                                               
    advertising in escalators Red Cross
    advertising in escalators Red Cross
  9. Gillette Venus                                                                                                                
    advertising in escalators Gillette Venus
    advertising in escalators Gillette Venus
  10. Revita Beauty Centre                                                                                                
    advertising in escalators Revita Beauty Centre
    advertising in escalators Revita Beauty Centre
  11. Pantene                                                                                                                          
    advertising in escalators, Pantene
    advertising in escalators Pantene
  12. HP Photosmart                                                                                                              
    advertising in escalators, HP Photosmart
    advertising in escalators HP Photosmart
  13. Pizza Kingdom                                                                                                        
    Pizza Kingdom ads on escalators
    Pizza Kingdom
  14. Great Lakes Science Center Bodyworlds                                                                            
    creative ads in elevators
  15. Superman                                                                                                                      
    advertising in elevators, Superman
    advertising in elevators Superman
  16. Gold's Gym                                                                                                                  
     creative advertising in elevators, Gold's Gym
    advertising in elevators Gold's Gym
  17. Becel                                                                                                                  
    creative advertising in elevators, becel
    advertising in elevators becel
  18. Kill Bill                                                                                                                
    amazing advertising in elevators, kill bill
    advertising in elevators
  19. Rajab Al Kathiri & Associates                                                                                
    Rajab Al Kathiri & Associates creative ads in elevators
  20. Coca-Cola Zero                                                                                                          
    Coca Cola Zero amazing ads in elevators
    advertising in elevators Coca Cola Zero
  21. Fiat Punto                                                                                                            
     Fiat Punto creative ads in elevators
    advertising in elevators Fiat Punto
  22. Be born again                                                                                                        
    advertising in elevators Be born again
    advertising in elevators and escalators Be born again
  23. orio                                                                                                                    
    creative advertising in elevators
    creative advertising in elevators
  24. Shams Taekwondo School                                                                                        
    Shams Taekwondo School ads in elevators
    Shams Taekwondo School ads
  25. claro

claro creative ads in elevators
advertising in elevators Claro

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