10 stairs designs that can not be forgotten

The Stairs are the Heart of a building

metal stairs designs by Miguel de Guzman
stairs designs Miguel de Guzman 

This week on stairs designs  , we present a series of new  stairs  from various projects you will like, we hope to share with your friends .

Of all the architectural elements, represents undoubtedly the stairs to the building, as well as the arteries and veins to the human body. As these carry blood to all organs, those with a similar branch, are essential for communication. Figuratively, the stairs designs would be like the heart of a building, fills it with life. The stairs also has a temporal dimension: the act of climbing a stairs means over time. Stairs and steps have a rhythm.
Its impact is evident whether up or down steps counted. The staircase is also a three-dimensional element. Its orientation is the stepped slope and its optical effect is the continuous change of perspective to transit through. This feeling reinforces the verticality as line movement, both up and down. "( Vicenio Samozzi , Italian architect, in 1615).

Then 10 stairs designs that can not be forgotten.

spiral stairs designs by Rino Levi
stairs designs Rino Levi
straight stairs designs by Rino Levi
stairs design by HLPs
  • Museum  "Cabeza de la Almagra" / Archaeological Park Cerrejón Architects  
creative stairs design by Cerrejón Architects
Archaeological Park Cerrejón Architects  
stairs designs by Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter
stairs designs Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter
  • House WF / Group Head jovai  
concrete stairs designs by Group Head jovai
stairs designs by Group Head Jovai
floating stairs designs by ÁBATON Architecture
stairs designs by ÁBATON Architecture 
spiral stairs design
  • Home Studio 
modern stairs design with lighting
metal stairs by Miguel de Guzman
stairs design

modern stairs designs by Alphaville Architects
stairs designs by Alphaville Architects

We invite you to go through all the articles, where the stairs are important part of the project in our stairs designs blog .


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