outdoor stairs : designs that heighten the beauty of your exteriors

outdoor stairs designs : adds a luxurious touch to the exterior 

External stairs - an essential element not only for the functional system of the building, but also to communicate the interior and exterior. Especially this element is important if the area adjacent to the house, not uniform in height. The main functions of the exterior stairs - entrance to the house, the connection between the floors, ensuring evacuation during emergencies.

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outdoor stairs designs that heighten the beauty of your exteriors
outdoor stairs designs that heighten the beauty of your exteriors

outdoor stairs : several Types

External stairs is divided into several types depending on the form of pads, which are square, circular, semicircular, rectangular and curved.

outdoor stairs types
outdoor stairs types, wood stairs 
Depending on the location of the plane of the facade distinguish profile, front and frontal-profile ladder.

outdoor stairs designs : Important Details, tips 

Outdoor stairs must comply with the external design of the building, but its main characteristics - is the strength, reliability and safety. It is important to remember that the strength of the stairs leading to the second floor should be more critical indicator than the stairs to the first floor. It should include, first and foremost, the engineer.

outdoor stairs - natural stone stairs
outdoor stairs - natural stone stairs, Eco-friendly steps
But do not forget that during the construction of stairs designs to the first floor, it is important to follow some important principles, otherwise it will be more comfortable and less traumatic. Regarding this and the materials from which manufactured the stairs. So, it should not be slippery, as it can cause serious injury. Therefore, steps should be covered in any environment safe materials with a rough surface. If it is supposed to use granite or marble, it is necessary to pre-treat the stone to become lumpy.

curved outdoor stairs
curved outdoor stairs

Outdoor stairs Materials

Nowadays outdoor stairs made of concrete, metal, natural stone, brick, and combinations of these materials. But the tree because it has smaller lifetime hardly use.

outdoor wood stairs with concrete handrails
outdoor wood stairs with concrete handrails

exterior stairs designs

This staircase leads directly to the second floor, allowing to make two entrances on the ground floor and second. This is useful if living in the same house two families or you do not always want to disturb each other, passing through the common areas of the house. Option with two entrances on two floors is very popular in country houses and even Europe because right from the bedroom you can get on the street (that is, in principle, is used as a balcony).

outdoor stairs design
wood outdoor stairs, metal handrails
In the photo also shows an embodiment with two entrances on the first and second floors, but the perimeter of the second floor by partitions created in the style of stair space under the roof, which can be used in a completely different purposes, including as a street version of the living room or dining room . 

wood outdoor stairs, metal handrails
wood outdoor stairs, metal handrails
Simple stairs design created with the purpose of access to the front door via a kind of garden. Improvised path illuminated stairs as always allow unhindered to get home, while trees on the perimeter of the house create a sense of closeness to nature. This is a great option if you have little space for a garden around the house, but still want to decorate the perimeter of plants, as well as in case the approach to the door has a slight rise.

outdoor stairs design with stair lighting, stone stairs
outdoor stairs design with stair lighting, stone stairs
Our favorite home from a bar, you can get a spiral staircase to the second floor. Dyeing it in the tone of the logs, it does not simply merge with the design, but also create a sense of what was carved on wood.

mosaic outdoor stairs design
mosaic outdoor stairs design
Elongated stairs to the house with lights works where there is a large space in front of the house. In addition, this option is good for small climbs. There was no need to climb up dramatically, you can make a small platform in between steps.

metal outdoor stairs , metal handrails design
A small staircase design can continue the style of the building foundation. Backlight can be incorporated into the railing. 

long staircase by natural stone
Long staircase by natural stone
Below is a version of a high stairs design leading to the main entrance. This option is well suited to high houses and mansions. In addition, such high stair well set in sandy areas and in close proximity to the beach (you will pass until the stairs, all the excess fly off and clean it easier than long).

high staircase
high outdoor staircase designs, y shaped
Long stairs designs in natural stone always looks very expensive, but still visually increases in size house, even if the house itself is very small. 
Small porch and aesthetic never goes out of fashion. Main well strengthen it or is made of durable material (eg brick) to stage did not decay and wear out too quickly.

outdoor stairs design
 stone outdoor stairs design, wood handrails
Another option a little narrow stairs design, which enters the main entrance of the house. However, if you pay attention, the door is actually on the second floor and is made from the first garage, which leads to another small stone stairway.

 hard wood outdoor stairs, creative handrails
wood stairs, hard wood outdoor stairs, creative handrails

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